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We are very pleased that you have interest in the Club Managers of Oregon (CMO), the Club Managers of America’s (CMAA) fifth oldest chapter West of the Mississippi River.  Our members, professional men and women representing Oregon's finest golf, city, athletic and social clubs, exists to serve the professional growth and knowledge of club professionals and club members involved in club governance.  All of the benefits our members enjoy promote camaraderie, professional growth and the success of private clubs throughout the state.

Chapter members, member clubs and Chapter partners who are either members or affiliated with the chapter have access to the private side of the website.  On the private side industry resources and contacts are readily available.  Education, networking, strategic governance assistance and effective Chapter partnerships begin with your involvement with the Club Managers of Oregon.  Membership information can be found by clicking on the Membership Tab at the top of the page.  Chapter Members and Affiliates, Club Boards and Chapter Partners are supported by the following resources.  

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√ Education  √ Strategic Resource Library √ Association Access
√ Scholarships  √ Board Retreat Opportunities √  Camaraderie
√ Mentoring  √ Operational Analyses √  Personal Partnerships
√ Best Practices  √ Strategic Mgmt. Assistance √  Website Presence
√ Collegiality  √ Executive Search Assistance √  Educational Opportunities
√ Networking  √ Networking √  Networking



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