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Who we are

The Club Managers of Oregon (CMO) links over 25 clubs and 70 club professionals representing thousands of Club members. The Oregon Chapter works to support the professional growth of club professionals through education and scholarship support, by serving as a strategic governance resource for clubs and through maintaining effective partnerships with chapter members and chapter supporters.

What we do

  • Education and Professional Development – Complimentary and low-cost educational opportunities prepare CMO members to succeed, innovate, stretch boundaries, expand expertise and create a thriving club community.
  • Certification - The CMAA and CMO take great pride in its internationally recognized certification program. Since 1965, CMAA certifications have become recognized as the hospitality industry's most respected certification program. The pinnacle of the private club certification includes the following.
    • Certified Club Manager (CCM)
    • Certified Chief Executive (CCE)
    • Master Club Manager (MCM)
  • Scholarships – Access to scholarship funds designed to lessen the financial impact on club operating budgets while supporting the continuing education and certification of club professionals.
  • Career Services – Access to information and assistance with career management and placement in the private club industry locally and nationally.
  • Strategic Governance Assistance - Industry expertise and resource to club boards and committees including a strategic governance management library, access to experienced and knowledgeable club professionals, board retreat opportunities, compensation and benefits information, secret shopper opportunities, operations and financial comparisons and much more.
  • Executive Search – Member clubs can access numerous options for assistance finding and placing club professionals. Regional and national resources are available to member clubs.
  • Professional Networking – Association members, club governance and chapter partners gather to share experience and collegiality.
  • Community Service Initiatives – Access to opportunities and resources to strengthen the viability of private clubs and their key staff.