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11.17.20CFE SERVICES, a CMO Chapter Partner, on Club Sanitation Protocols | Click hereEveryone is spending more time and money implementing sanitation plans throughout their facilities.  How can you tell if your plan is working?  ATP Tests are the benchmark that medical, food service and hospitality industries have used for years.  This easy to use technology will let you know if your plan is working and possibly if you can spend less in time and on material.  Daniel Wing and Cheyenne Adams from Hygiena will be joining us to discuss this technology and best practices. Hygiena delivers rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, health care, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and personal care


11.10.20 Cyber Security Training for Your Club with CMO Partner Convergence Networks |  Click here"They did a great job of making the information understandable and digestible", "it was really informative and well done",  " super awesome webinar, I had some great takeaways"


10.14.20 Create Better ZOOM Meetings with Shanna Bright of Private Clubs Online

Oregon and Evergreen Chapters CMAA hosted a webinar on "Key Performance Indicators That Drive Success in Clubs." The presenter, Club Benchmarking Executive Director Eric Gregory, shared encouraging data that indicates signs of financial recovery in the club industry and provided detailed explanations of the KPIs that matter most. Webinar resources are listed below. If you have questions about any of the materials provided, please contact Eric at [email protected]   


9.16.20 Better Zoom Meetings by Benchmark | Click here