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Andy Stangenberg on The Spirit of Leadership

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9:00 am - 10:30 am

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The Spirit of Leadership.
Positive Leadership Competencies & Advanced Leadership Strategies Designed for Leadership positions, all ranks all titles
The presentation concentrates on critical components such as Higher Purpose, Care, Recovery Skills, Positive Energy, Team Alignment, and Happiness.  Furthermore, it focuses on the two critical elements in Leadership – Accountability and Responsibility. It serves as a think-changer to establish new and innovative leadership forward thinking approach tactics. The content ,enriched by reality-based research studies, coaches pro-active thinking and offers meaningful guidance principles when dealing with staff and co-workers. 
The Q-Principle became globally known for its innovative and "throw the box away" thinking approach.
Program Topics:
Vision before directions (Identifying where to go)
The difference between teaching and educating
Values of a future leader
Higher purpose (The difference maker)
Management versus Leadership
The Leadership Formula (Trust, Excellence & Care)
Confidence (Why not? versus what if?)
The behavior of an effective team
Happiness as a strategy